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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE (“Terms”, “Terms of Use”, or “Agreement”) CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE Sector 777 WEBSITE OR IT’S ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES, AS THEY AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WAIVERS OF RIGHTS, LIMITATION OF LIABILITY, AND YOUR INDEMNITY TO US. THIS AGREEMENT REQUIRES THE USE OF ARBITRATION ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS TO RESOLVE DISPUTES, RATHER THAN COURTS OR JURY TRIALS, AND LIMITS THE REMEDIES AVAILABLE IN THE EVENT OF A DISPUTE. Access to and use of this website, service or other application (collectively the “Service” or “Services”) is provided to you (“you”, “customer”, “player”, “players”) by sector777.info. (“Sector 777”, “us” or “we”) subject to the following terms (the “Terms” or “Agreement”):

Acceptance of Terms

This Service is designed for and targeted to adults. It is intended solely and exclusively for persons who are at least 18 years of age or older. In order to use and access the features and services provided by this Service you must be 18 years of age or older (or whatever the applicable age of legal adulthood is where you are located). If you are not of legal gambling age in your country of residence, please stop and discontinue your use of this Service. If for any reason you do not agree with all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, including this Service’s Security Policy, please discontinue using the Service immediately. By using this Service, you agree to be legally bound by all of the terms of this Agreement. We reserve the right to change the terms of this Agreement or to change, modify or otherwise alter any features of this Service at any time and for any purpose without notice. You should visit this page regularly and review this Agreement for the current terms of this Agreement, since your continued access or use of the Service will be deemed as an irrevocable acceptance of any such changes, modifications or alterations.

Table of Contents

General Terms

1.1: These Terms and Conditions are a legal and binding agreement between You (“you”, “customer”, “player”, “players”) and Sector 777 (“Sector 777”, “we”, “us” or “our”), and apply to any use of the website (sector777.info) and all the Services provided within, including all of the available games (“website”, “service”, “services”).

1.2: Sector 777 offers online gambling and entertainment services and will be referred to hereinafter as “Services”. The term “Services” extends to product information regarding the games, downloadable assets, communication, promotions, functionality, and more. The beneficiary of these services, “You”, the “Player/s” and/or “User/s” agree to be legally bound to the Terms & Conditions presented to you on this website and/or other entities operated, licensed or controlled by Sector 777 and/or our authorized sub-licensees. By making use of our Services and/or creating an account with Sector 777, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions in their entirety and without dispute. Stop using Sector 777 and its services immediately if you do not agree with the Terms & Conditions presented to you here.

1.3: The Terms & Conditions on this site may be changed at any time and at our sole discretion. Any changes to the Terms & Conditions will be published on the website immediately and it is your responsibility to remain informed and up to date. Continued use of our Services after such modifications implies you understand and agree with the latest updates to the Terms & Conditions of Sector 777.

1.4: Sector 777 is for ADULTS ONLY. You must be 18 years of age or older to make use of our Services. Providing false personal information constitutes a legal offence and we reserve the right to report any fraudulent behaviour to the relevant authorities.

1.5: Gambling online may not be permitted in some jurisdictions. Because of this, it is your responsibility to be aware of your local regulations before making use of the website and inherent services. Sector 777 will not be held accountable if players are not aware of or ignore the local regulations and make use of the website and services. As entertainment service providers that span across multiple jurisdictions, Sector 777 makes no claim to the legality of using our website and its features in your area. Players found not abiding by the correct use of the services and custom guidelines of the website in their area will not receive any assurances or legal counsel.

1.6: We reserve the right to withhold from promotional offers from certain individuals, countries or jurisdictions. Offers directed at specific players sent either via email, text message or over the phone are only available to the person to whom it was offered.

1.7: Players residing in jurisdictions or countries where our access is either limited or restricted, and who somehow manage to register an account without our express approval, might encounter restrictions set in place by the game provider or third-party processors. Players in circumstances like this will have no claim against either the games providers or Sector 777.

1.8: Sector 777 only offers bonuses to players residing in certain jurisdictions. Proof of residency may be required at the time of deposits and withdrawals.

1.9: Use of the Sector 777 website and its Services is considered consent to receive promotional materials as well as any communication from us by Phone, SMS, email, and Push Notifications. You may unsubscribe to any one or all of these services at any time by contacting our Customer Service team.

1.10: Players accessing our Services may make use of updates, new features, promotions, enhancements, software, and/or the addition of new casino brands, all of which are subject to the Terms & Conditions, guidelines, codes of conduct and license agreements. Any conflicts between the applicable License Agreement for Services and the Terms & Conditions will be resolved at our discretion.

1.11: Sector 777 services, the website (as well as any other websites controlled by Sector 777), the gaming software, features, and system requirements, are subject to change at our discretion and without notice. We are not accountable for any damage or loss suffered by the players as a result of these potential changes.

1.12: It is the responsibility of the players to agree with and follow the rules of the games advertised on the Sector 777 website.

1.13: Any disputes or claims against Sector 777 are to be made to Customer Service within 2 business days of the date the issue arose. Once this period has elapsed, the dispute/claim will be declared void. You must provide our support agents with all of the necessary documents and information for us to be able to conduct a proper review. Please allow up to 14 business days for the investigation to take place and for customer service to report the results of that investigation.

1.14: Data stored on Sector 777 servers will prevail in cases of dispute and regarding settling the claim. If there is any discrepancy between the Sector 777 server data and the data output offered by a players’ personal machine, the information provided by the Sector 777 server will be used for settling the claim.

1.15: Sector 777 is exempt from any liability regarding performance failure and/or delays that are caused by events outside of our control. We are not liable for the results or delays caused by cyber-attacks, acts of God, civil disturbances, war, internet or power outages, or any other occurrence outside of Sector 777 control.

1.16: In the event that Sector 777 makes an exception or waiver to any one or more of the terms for an individual player, that exception/waiver is considered valid only in the form of written notice originating from Sector 777 management and only applies to the event specifically stated in the waiver, not including any subsequent events.

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Registration and Account Terms

2.1: It is the responsibility of the player to be aware of the online gambling laws in their jurisdiction and to act accordingly. Users betting real money on games available on the Sector 777 website are affirming that they abide by their local regulations regarding online gambling and pledge that they are legally allowed to do so within their respective jurisdiction. We will provide no assurance or legal advice for players failing to comply.

2.2: Sector 777 will not be held accountable for the actions of players who forfeit their obligation to check whether engaging in online gambling incurs legal issues. If there are doubts, please consult with legal experts in your area about engaging in online gambling within your jurisdiction before making use of our Services.

2.3: Player must create a personal casino account with Sector 777, using all valid and relevant information required in order to be allowed to participate in the games advertised on the website and to place real money bets.

2.4: No players personal information will be shared with third parties, other than what is specified in the Security Policy. Please review the U for more information on how your personal information is being used and stored.

2.5: To create an account with Sector 777, players must provide real and up to date personal information such as first and last name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, physical address, and any required deposit and payment information. It is the players’ responsibility to update any changes in their personal information as it occurs.

2.6: Players registering for a new account warrant that they are at least 18 years of age, have provided genuine personal information, are the rightful owners of the real money funds used to deposit into their Player Accounts, have not registered more than a single account on the website (otherwise referred to as a “Duplicate Account”), and participate in games, offers, promotions and bonuses on their own behalf and not as intermediaries.

2.7: Sector 777 only allows one account per user/household. Any accounts found to have matching e-mail addresses, phone/mobile numbers, IP addresses, physical billing addresses, devices used for registration, deposits, logins and/or gameplay, will be considered Duplicate Accounts and can be closed at any time without notice. Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by Sector 777 management and may be revoked at any time. Any account created with the intention of cheating or defrauding Sector 777 will be closed at our discretion and all winnings may be voided and/or withheld.

2.8: Sector 777 reserves the right to perform, without notice, background checks (random or targeted) on our player base to prevent fraud. Players involved in these checks may be asked for additional personal information depending on the case. Reasons for background checks may include verifying player identity and/or registration details, gaming activity, financial transactions (deposits and/or withdrawals). Sector 777 may request the help of third-party entities when conducting these background checks if necessary. If a player is found guilty of, or in some cases just suspected of, fraud, the player may be locked out of their Sector 777 account, restricted from making deposits and/or withdrawals, excluded from bonuses and promotions, and, in some cases, the players’ Sector 777 Account will be closed and all funds withheld. Any player involved in one of these background checks who refuse to provide the requested documentation will be locked out of their respective account until the necessary information is provided.

2.9: Players are required to provide proof of legal age when using the Sector 777 website and its Services. Any player found to be engaging in gambling activities before coming of legal age to do so will have their account closed immediately, all online purchases made while underage will be refunded, any and all bets made will be considered void, and all winnings (either in the system or paid out to player) must be returned to Sector 777 by the player in full.

2.10: To prevent fraud, financial or otherwise, no third parties are allowed to access and use a personal Sector 777 Account on the player’s behalf. Whether approved by the player or not, the player is responsible for protecting their login information and for any damages incurred while allowing a third party to access and use their personal account. All information provided when creating a Sector 777 Account is confidential and is not to be shared. If you suspect your account security has been compromised in any way, please Contact Us immediately. If you have forgotten your password, please click “Forgot Password?” the top right-hand of the screen or Contact Us.

2.11: When making deposits and/or withdrawals, players must use the currency of the account (credit card, e-wallet, etc.) they are using. In the case of your local currency not being available for either deposits and/or withdrawals, all funds will be converted to at an exchange rate comparable to the daily exchange rate used by banks and credit card companies at the time of your transaction.

2.12: Sector 777 accounts are not bank accounts and should not be used as such. Sector 777 offers no insurance and/or guarantee to protect your funds within your Sector 777 account. Funds held or “saved” within said account do not accrue interest either.

2.13: Any taxes that a player may be required to report and/or pay for gambling winnings in their local or national jurisdiction is the sole responsibility of the player.

2.14: Sector 777 players may close their account at any time if they do not have an outstanding debt with the casino. In order to close your account, we require written notice in the form of an email, physical letter, or by using the Contact Us page. As soon as we receive your request, we will begin the process of closing your account. You will be responsible for any and all transactions on your account until it is no longer accessible.

2.15: If you wish to reactivate your account with Sector 777, you can do so by Contacting Us. We do not allow multiple accounts, so do not create a new one.

2.16: Any Sector 777 player has the option request the closure of their account.

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Deposits & Withdrawals

3.1: Outside of any free welcome offers or promotions, players are required to make at least one real money deposit in order to participate in the gambling activities offered at Sector 777. Deposit and Withdrawal methods offered at Sector 777 are subject to change at any time and any fees, procedures, and terms may vary between banking options.

3.2: Players may only make deposits to their Sector 777 account exclusively through our website.

3.4: Any Sector 777 Account suspected of fraud, chargebacks and/or refund requests, will be temporarily closed while we investigate the matter. Sector 777 reserves the right to freeze the funds within the players’ Sector 777 Account until the investigation completes and the fraud, chargebacks and/or refunds are settled.

3.5: A deposit via credit/debit card is considered a success only when Sector 777 receives the payment confirmation along with the authorization code. Players depositing amounts larger than the predetermined maximum limit will be asked for additional personal information to complete the transaction. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Credit Card Limits may be increased on a player-by-player basis.

3.7: Sector 777 reserves the right to request additional personal information and/or related materials in order to verify the identity of a player whenever he/she makes a deposit into their account via a new banking method. 3.8: Before a withdrawal can be processed, all outstanding bets must be completed, and any requirements associated with a bonus must have been met.

3.9: A withdrawal request may only be made within the Sector 777 website cashier. Any weekly/monthly withdrawal limits for the selected payment method will be posted within the cashier. Players must request withdrawals themselves through the Sector 777 cashier. Requests made via live chat, telephone, or email are not allowed.

3.10: Unless specified otherwise within the Sector 777 cashier, the minimum allowed withdrawal amount for all methods is $100. Sector 777 does not have a maximum limit to how much a player may win and withdraw, but each banking method has a predetermined limit in place for each transaction. When a player has winnings that exceed the maximum allowed limit per transaction, that player will have to make multiple withdrawal requests.

3.11: Standard verification documents are required when making deposits and withdrawals with Sector 777. While some deposit methods may not require documents to initially deposit, all players requesting a withdrawal must have up to date verification documents on file. Please follow the link to the authorisation form to submit your documentation.

The standard documents required are:

  1. ID (Driver’s License, Government Issued ID card, Passport)
  2. Proof of Residency (Utility Bill)
  3. Front/Back Photo of Credit Card Used (NOTE: Make sure to cover the CVV number on the back and middle 8 digits on the front)
  4. Others (May include bank reference(s), source of funds, notarized document attesting your identity, confirmation of deposit, etc.)

Documents must be clear, easy to read, and up to date. Once they have been received, our withdrawals team will review and process them within 5 business days. Once the documents are approved, any pending withdrawal for the player will be allowed to move forward in the withdrawal process. If any additional documents are required, our withdrawals team with contact you via phone or email.

3.12: Any withdrawal requested at Sector 777 has a pending period of up to three business days. Any player who fails to provide any and all required verification documents within the 3 business day timeframe may experience additional delays.

3.13: Sector 777 reserves the right to internally audit any withdrawal at any time in order to protect the casino as well as our players from any fraudulent activity. These internal audits can take up to 7 business days and during that time your gameplay logs and transaction records, as well as personal identification information, may be reviewed. If there is reasonable evidence to suspect your account is involved in illegal or malicious behaviour, fraud, collusion or cheating, your withdrawal and all funds/winnings will be void.

3.14: Withdrawals will only be paid to an account under the same name as the Sector 777 Account Holder’s name.

3.15: Withdrawals will only be paid using one the available withdrawal methods in our cashier.

3.16: Deposit and Withdrawals methods are subject to change at any time and without notice.

3.17: Any player to win a progressive jackpot of $50,000 or more in progressive slots will have a required wait time of up to 30 business days for payment. This 30 business day period starts immediately at the time the jackpot is hit. After the required wait period, the winning player will be paid the jackpot winnings in full, regardless of amount.

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Bets & Games

4.1: All bets are final. No bet made within Sector 777 can cancelled without our consent once it has been placed.

4.2: If a player loses internet connection while playing one of the casino games at Sector 777, that player may complete the unfinished bet/round as soon as they log back into the casino. If the bet or round was unable to be completed for any reason, Contact Us and we can review the issue.

4.3: Refunds will only be made for unfinished games at our own discretion and only in the event of a system error on our end.

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General Bonus Terms

5.1: Generally, the bonus types present on the Sector 777 website include:

  1. Free Bonus: A bonus that requires no deposit to claim.
  2. Free Spins: A bonus that credits free spins on a slot of the casinos choosing with no deposit required.
  3. Deposit Bonus: A bonus, typically a percentage of amount deposited, that requires a deposit be made to claim.
  4. Loyalty Cash Bonus: A cash credit made at the discretion of the casino.
  5. Cash Back: This is an insurance award, credited at the discretion of the casino, based on losses during a specific period of time.

5.2: The withdrawable balance can be defined as sum total of both the cash amount deposited by the player and/or accumulated cash winnings. As long as there is no Active Bonus in use, this is all available to request as a withdrawal.

5.3: The bonus available and/or accumulated bonus winnings can be withdrawn only once active bonuses wagering requirements are complete.

5.4: In most cases, any player claiming a Bonus will be subject to wagering requirements. Wagering requirements refer to the total amount that players must wager while the Bonus is in effect before any profits/winnings may be requested as a withdrawal.

5.5: The final amount that the players can withdraw, also known as Withdrawable Balance, refers to the total funds available after any non-withdrawable bonus money is removed from their account.

5.6: If a Sector 777 player is somehow granted two active bonuses, that player must complete the wagering requirements associated with the first bonus claimed before being able to start working on meeting the second bonuses wagering requirements.

5.7: All winnings earned through a Cash Back Bonus will have their maximum allowed withdrawal capped at either 15 times the initial Cash Back Bonus granted or a maximum of $10,000.

5.8: Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all players are eligible to claim the Welcome Offer, (also referred to as the 1st deposit bonus) within an interval of 7 days, following the account registration. At the same time, we reserve the right to modify the Welcome Offer after 7 days, at our sole discretion. Users registered with a duplicate account are not eligible to claim the Welcome Offer. For more information, please consult with the Bonus Abuse section of these Terms and Conditions.

5.9: Sector 777 players who are making bets with Bonus Funds will have their any winnings earned returned to the Bonus Balance until wagering requirements are met. Once those requirements are complete, the winnings will be moved to the Cash Balance.

5.10: Any funds in a players’ Bonus Balance will be removed from their account at the time of a withdrawal request.

5.11: Any free bonus, unless specifically stated otherwise, comes with a maximum withdrawal limit of $100. For free bonuses issued to VIP members, the maximum withdrawal limit depends on the relevant VIP Level. Any winnings coming from a free bonus that have not been used after a period of 30 days will become void.

5.12: Sector 777 players with a pending withdrawal are not allowed to claim any free bonuses/promotions unless specified otherwise. They are, however, allowed to use bonuses that require deposits. They are also allowed to cancel the withdrawal process at any time if they wish to become eligible for a no deposit bonus and/or promotion. If a player does somehow claim a no deposit bonus and/or promotion during an ongoing withdrawal process, Sector 777 reserves the right to void any bonuses and/or promotions and any winnings associated with them.

5.13: Sector 777 is not liable for software, hardware or technical issues. Neither is the casino responsible for unfavourable network conditions which affect the players’ experience or hinders their access to any games, bonuses or promotions.

5.14: Sector 777 is not liable for any losses or damages (real or virtual) as a direct result of claiming any promotions or bonuses.

5.15: Sector 777 promotions or bonuses can be subject to alteration or cancellation for any of the following reasons: security concerns, legal or regulatory requirements, bonus abuse, human error, fraud, or any other reasons the casino deems valid.

5.16: In the event of a failed deposit or cancelled/refunded deposit, we reserve the right to void any and all promotions or bonuses along with any winnings made from them.

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Bonuses & Wagering

6.1: General Wagering Requirements – Sector 777 players must wager his/her deposit amount a predetermined number of times (specified in the bonus offer) before: 1) qualifying to receive a bonus, 2) having the bonus winnings placed into his/her account, and 3) making a withdrawal request. This is a standard policy in the industry that aims to reduce bonus abusive and fraudulent transactions.

6.2: Requesting Withdrawals– A withdrawal request of the Withdrawable Balance, cannot be completed before wagering is completed. In the case of a player requesting a withdrawal with an active Bonus Balance that still has pending wagering requirements, any Bonus and associated winnings will be instantly voided and only the original deposit amount will be available for withdrawal.

6.3: Allowed games include Slots, Keno, Scratchcard and Bingo Games as well as Table Gam,es and Video Poker. Non allowed games include Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Roulette, Sic Bo, Slot Tournaments and War. 6.4: Please note that in the case of a player being identified as using a low-risk betting scheme to complete wagering requirements, that player runs the risk of having their bonus and any corresponding winnings voided.

6.5: Generally, there is a 30x (times) wagering requirement linked to all bonuses. This calculation is based on the total of your initial deposit + bonus amount.

Example: You deposit $30 and receive a 100% deposit bonus worth of $30. In order to complete the wagering requirements associated with the bonus, you must make $60 (deposit+ bonus) x 30 = $1,800 in bets. Once $1,800 in bets have been made, your winnings will become withdrawable.

6.6: When logged into your Sector 777 account, you can click “Cashier” in the top right hand corner menu to view detailed information about your balance and any pending bonus and wagering requirements.

6.7: No Deposit Welcome Bonus - Any winnings accrued from these welcome free spins must be wagered 30X before being eligible for a withdrawal request of any amount. This free spin offer is restricted to a maximum withdrawal stipulated on the Promotions Page.

6.8: Loyalty Cash Bonuses – When you are awarded a Loyalty Cash Bonus, it is considered real cash and can be used in all Sector 777’s online casino games (unless specified otherwise). This is considered a discretionary bonus and is only given to our customers as a compensation for their activity from time to time.

6.9: Cash Back Bonuses – Our VIP Members get regular cash drops from us depending on their activity and VIP Level. Cash Back bonuses are credited directly into customers’ accounts and are not available on request.

6.10: No-Deposit Free Chips generally come with a 30x (times) wagering requirement, unless specifically stated otherwise.

6.11: Only completed bets, bets with an outcome, are counted towards wagering requirements.

6.12: If a bonus’ wagering requirements are not met, the wagering requirements will be eliminated when the balance falls below $1 and there are no unfinished or pending games.

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Bonuses & Wagering

7.1: The promotions and bonuses offered on the Sector 777 website (and affiliates) have been specifically designed as rewards for new and returning players. They are not to be abused under any circumstances. If Sector 777 identifies an account as abusing our bonus policy, we reserve the right to take any action necessary to ensure promotional integrity.

7.2: If a Sector 777 player is found guilty of bonus abuse, the player can be subject to having their account blocked from being allowed to use bonuses, refunding the players’ deposits, cancelling bonuses, voiding winnings, or banning the account entirely.

7.3: Any player who opens multiple accounts (alone or as part of a larger group) in order to obtain free welcome bonuses or to bypass bonus restrictions is considered to be abusing our bonus system.

7.4: Any player who knowingly finds and abuses loopholes in the gaming software or who willingly exits their session while a bonus round is being played for the sole purpose of gaining wager outcome advantage is considered to be abusing our bonus system.

7.5: Any player who stacks multiple bonuses on top of each other before completing the wagering requirements associated with the first bonus claimed is considered to be abusing our bonus system.

7.6: Any player placing even money bets on Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat is considered to be abusing our bonus system.

7.7: Any player to use the double-up feature in excess in order to increase winnings is considered to be abusing our bonus system.

7.8: Any player found to be taking advantage of affiliate CPA or revenue share is considered to be abusing our bonus system.

7.9: Any player who creates multiple accounts by making use of a VPN, proxy, or by masking their IP address, with the sole purpose of claiming multiple promotions and/or bonuses is considered to be abusing our bonus system.

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Fraud & Malicious Behaviour

8.1: Unauthorised Access to the Sector 777 website and/or services (game software, database, computer, server, etc.) is forbidden. Any attempt made by unauthorised persons or entities to breach or bypass our security, tamper with any property relating to our website and services will be reported to the relevant authorities along with your personal information. In the event of a breach (or attempted breach), you will be locked out denied access to Sector 777 and our services.

8.2: By creating an account with Sector 777, you hereby agree that you have no malicious intent regarding the use of our casino and Services. Any player found to be engaged in any illegal/criminal activity, including but not limited to money laundering, fraud, data theft and/or hacking, will be permanently banned, prosecuted to the full extent of the law where applicable, with no obligation on Sector 777 in regard to the refunding of the involved parties/individuals.

8.3: The following practices may be viewed by Sector 777 as malicious activity:

  1. Using a VPN or masking your IP address
  2. Using stolen/unauthorised funds to place bets
  3. Colluding with individuals and/or third parties to defraud the casino
  4. Using malicious software to exploit our games/software to your advantage
  5. Using bots (automated players) to play on your account
  6. Tampering with the website and/or web content
  7. SPAM Submissions (Cyber-Attacks)
  8. Using our Services to conduct criminal activity (including but not limited to money laundering, theft, etc.)

8.4: When engaging with any other Sector 777 players or staff, our members are forbidden from engaging in defamatory or violent behaviour of any kind. This includes harassment, obscene, abusive, or offensive language, sexist or discriminatory remarks, and racial epithets or slurs.

8.5: Sector 777 and its Services are for personal entertainment only. No replication or reproduction of our site, services, or content is allowed without our explicit consent.

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

9.1: You hereby waive your right to make chargebacks and/or any type of reverse payment request in relation to your use of the Sector 777 Services. Disregarding this term will result in damages suffered by Sector 777 and any expense of such procedures must be refunded by you. Requesting chargebacks and/or refunds may result in both your Sector 777 account being locked and closed, and any winnings in your account becoming void and withheld.

9.2: Any Sector 777 account suspected of fraud, chargebacks and/or refund requests, will be temporarily closed while we investigate the matter. Sector 777 reserves the right to freeze the funds within the players’ Sector 777 account until the investigation completes and the fraud, chargebacks and/or refunds are settled.

9.3: Refunds will only be made for unfinished games at our own discretion and only in the event of a system error on our end. 9.4: In the event of a failed deposit or cancelled/refunded deposit, we reserve the right to void any and all promotions or bonuses along with any winnings made from them.

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Limitation of Liability

10.1: Sector 777 is an online casino site. Any player to place bets with Sector 777s accepts the risks associated with gambling and possibly losing real money. Sector 777 and its Services offer no express or implied warranty or guaranty of satisfaction or financial gain. Any losses or damages incurred by the player is done at the players own risk and you hereby agree to waive all claims regarding this matter.

10.2: You agree that Sector 777 and its Service cannot live up to the full standard of all players, including yourself. You agree not to exploit any unknown/unforeseen issues relating to our Services, the website and/or the games offered. Sector 777 make no guarantees in regards to the full functionality of the Services, website and/or the games, and you understand that there may be service interruptions, malfunctions, or unforeseen software errors that occur from time to time and may directly or indirectly affect the performance in one or more particular area. In case of a system malfunction of any kind, all bets and payouts that occurred due to that error will be declared void.

10.3: Sector 777 offers no guarantee regarding the reliability and accuracy of the content presented on our website and/or any information derived/interpreted from them.

10.4: Sector 777 is exempt from any issues related to your internet service provider (ISP) or any other third-party entity used to access our website, Services and/or servers.

10.5: Sector 777 is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of our website and/or Services. This includes but is not limited to loss of revenue, loss of data, loss of goodwill, loss of business, failure to receive anticipated winnings, business interruptions, loss of opportunity, and more.

10.6: Sector 777 offers no warranty against Dos (denial-of-service) or DDos (distributed denial-of-service) attacks, cyber-attacks, bugs, viruses or any other technologically harmful actions/materials that may impact your hardware, data, programs or property negatively through the use of our website and/or Services.

10.7: Sector 777 and all of its Services/content are intended for non-commercial, personal use only. Any repercussions that arise as a result of making illicit use of these resources will be the sole responsibility of the perpetrators of such activities.

10.8: Any links to the Sector 777 website, its pages, and promotional content may only be used exclusively with our express written consent.

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